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Focus Jurnal AZKIYA publishes scholarly articles on Education Science in general and Islamic Education in particular, based on researches and project reports, book reviews.

Scope Jurnal AZKIYA accepts submission in the field of Education science and Islamic Education science in scope Aqeedah, Morals, Jurisprudence, Islamic Law, Qur'an, Hadith and Islamic cultural history to help spread new insights and concept, as well as highlights best-practices by and for many Islamic educational practitioners, teachers, lectures, and various education policy makers in the field.

Proses Peer Review

Jurnal AZKIYA Manuscript submission must be done electronically or by following the steps in the submission process in the Open Journal System provided in this journal site. Registration is required prior to submitting in the OJS portal. Editors will assign reviewers with the same interests. The review process uses Double-Blind Review Policy, whereas both the author's and the reviewer's identity will be kept anonymous.

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