The Influence Of Rock Mineralogy On Groundwater In The Kampungbaru Formation,Coal Mining Area, Anggana And Surrounding Area, District. Kutai Kartanegara


  • Ibnu Hasyim Universitas Kutai Kartanegara


Coal mining activities using the open pit mining system method will have impacts, both positive and negative impacts, positive impacts will cause changes in improving socio-economic life, while negative impacts will affect changes in hydrogeological conditions and environmental changes such as increasing soil/rock acidity so that it will cause water contaminated. This condition has an impact on decreasing the quality and quantity of groundwater as a source of clean water. The purpose of this study was to determine the hydrogeological conditions around the study site, and the influence of rock mineralogy as a potential source of groundwater contamination, especially in the Kampungbaru Formation. The methods used to obtain data such as; pumping test, rock mineralogy analysis (knowing the characteristics) by conducting studies; petrography, microscopic analysis of ore, XRD analysis, XRF analysis and analysis of the potential of acid mine water, while knowing the chemical characterization of water by analyzing the concentration of anion cations, and classifying water classes. Knowing the characterization of rock mineralogy and water chemistry, the level/value of potential groundwater contamination in the study area will be known. The hope of this research is to know and understand the characteristics of mineralogy of rocks and groundwater chemistry, as well as hydrogeological conditions in Kampungbaru Formation, so that groundwater contamination can be known. Specific benefits of the research, which is to explore more detail hydrogeology of the mine and surrounding areas, to understand the characteristics of rock mineralogy and the characteristics of groundwater chemistry, and to know the source of groundwater contamination of the research area. Practical benefits can provide information to the public and government about the potential of good quality groundwater around the research area and know the groundwater location of good quality. The results of hydrogeological studies, study of mineralogy characterization and groundwater chemistry will be obtained conclusion such as: 1) Characteristics of aquifer in Kampungbaru Formation included in the category of productive aquifers. 2) Mineralogy of rocks affect the chemical concentration .. 3) Kampungbaru Formation has the content of metal mineral elements and water chemical concentrations that contain many sulphide compounds as acid mine formers. Stratigraphy of the study area is included in the Kampungbaru Formation and is part of the Kutai Basin (Kutai Basin). Lithology The Kampungbaru Formation consists of a rocky outcrop with sandstone with coal insertions and sandstone units.


Keywords: Hydrogeology, characteristics of mineralogy and groundwater chemistry, contamination


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