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      <depositor_name>Didi Sudrajat</depositor_name>
    <registrant>Program Studi Teknologi Pendidikan</registrant>
        <full_title>Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat</full_title>
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      <journal_article xmlns:jats="" xmlns:ai="" publication_type="full_text" metadata_distribution_opts="any">
          <title>Sosialisasi Bahaya Minyak Jelantah Kepada Masyarakat Melalui Program Kerja Mahasiswa KKN XXVIII Universitas Kutai Kartanegara Tahun 2021</title>
          <person_name contributor_role="author" sequence="first" language="en">
            <given_name>Novira Cahya Wulan Sari</given_name>
        <jats:abstract xmlns:jats="">
          <jats:p>Abstract. Used cooking oil has a high market value, namely to be processed into biodiesel. Used cooking oil for biodiesel is not a new thing because there are indeed several regions in Indonesia that use it. Even though Tenggarong does not yet have a used cooking oil processing plant, at least knowing/collecting used cooking oil can reduce the impact of environmental damage in the future. Through socialization activities with Unikarta XVIII KKN students in 2021, you can educate the public that used cooking oil can be an opportunity to increase income and it is very dangerous to throw it away.</jats:p>
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